Make a Difference Rewards Consultants come in all shapes and sizes. Some are moms or dads who have volunteered at their kid's schools for years and know all about fundraising projects. Others are have only a little experience with fundraising, but a lot of experience selling products. Some are looking for a part-time job with flexible hours working from home; some are full-time who make this their career and love running their own business. Still others are Fundraising Professionals who have worked for not-for-profits or other fundraising companies in the past.  If you are looking for a new experience marketing a most profitable fundraising program while making a difference in your community, we are looking for you.

This is an incredibly flexible job that offers the chance for you to make your own hours, choose who you want to work with, and help raise money for groups and organizations that you genuinely care about. You will solicit local merchants to be part of an amazing community awareness and business building opportunity.


  • Exceptional Marketing, Sales or Fundraising Experience.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Highly organized and efficient.
  • Friendly and outgoing.
  • Looking to do something positive in their community.

The one thing that all Make a Difference Rewards Independent Fundraising Consultants must have is a strong desire to Help Organizations/Groups raise the most money possible by selling a product they can be proud to sell, all While Promoting/Assisting Local Merchants with a Proven Revenue Generator.  

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