Journey Fittness Center-Elmira, NY

We will go to any length to get our clients the results they seek. We know everyone on a first name basis because our clients are like family to us. We will find answers to their disappointments and celebrate their victories. We will know the goal they are working on at all times. If they are in the hospital we will visit. If they stop showing up then we will find them to try to bring them back in. This is called a fitness emergency. Each month we will create fitness challenges so our clients have the opportunity to see what they are now capable of outside of the gym. We will teach our client’s the value of the food they ingest. Each week we will arm our client’s with new information so they can make wise decisions concerning their health. We will be the guide that took our clients on a fitness journey that morphed their lives from the disappointment that it was to the enjoyment that they dreamed it could be!

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