1. Why Should I Choose the Make A Difference Cards?

  • The Make a Difference Rewards Card can be Personalized with your Group's Logo.
  • The Card comes with a Custom Community Presentation Folder to hold Your Club, Team or Group’s Information, at your discretion.
  • YOUR Group Receives 50% Profit on every Make A Difference Card Sold ($10).
  • YOUR Group Can Participate in Local Merchant Choices, including the 'Snap Off Tabs'.
  • YOUR Group or Organization will be Giving Back to the Local Community by Supporting Local Merchants.

2. Does my Group have to be Tax Exempt?

  • No. The Make a Difference Rewards Program is designed to be a ready-to-go fund-raising tool for all organizations. Schools, Sports Leagues, Spiritual/Churches, Civic Organizations and many more are eligible to participate. Not-for-profits do not charge tax on their sales of the card.  MADR reserves the right to refuse participation to any organization at will.

3. When Should your Group collect the Monies?

  • When your Group member sells a Make A Difference Card, the money is collected  .

4. What is the Cost of the Make A Difference Card?

  • The Community Partner (individual or couple) pays $20 for the Make A Difference Rewards Card. It includes 2 Cards for the price of 1, plus 16 one time use 'Snap Off Tabs' for Additional Savings.
  • Any generic cards not sold during campaign may be returned to MADR, provided they are in saleable condition, and the organization only pays for those sold.
  • The Merchant partner pays nothing unless they have requested a 'Snap Off Tab'.

5. When does the group pay MADR?

  • The Organization pays Nothing until the agreed upon fundraising campaign timeline has ended. The Average Fundraising Campaign is 30-60 days.