The ‘Make a Difference’ Reward Program is a unique fundraising tool that will benefit ANY Not-for-Profit organization who may choose to participate, while also supporting our local community and businesses.

The Make a Difference Reward Card (and its predecessor “The BOGO Book”) was first introduced to the Binghamton, New York community in 2012 with the sole purpose of benefiting the local Humane Society.   Founding Partner Catherine Cornelius served on the Board of Fundraising and Planning of the organization and participated in the numerous events, dinners, sales and many other fundraising activities that were very rewarding experiences.  After much energy, time and – well, downright begging business owners and donors - she realized there had to be an easier way to generate a greater amount of funds with less exertion.

She designed and implemented this fundraising avenue with the end result of $23,000 raised in a 6 month period of time for The Humane Society.  Other organizations soon wanted to participate as well and so a rewarding business was born from a passion to give back to the community just as the community has given to those in need.

The ‘Make a Difference’ Reward Program is actually designed not only to help local organizations, but also to promote local businesses via increased traffic and sales.  Any business can participate – there is minimal cost involved!  You as a business owner are able to support your local not-for-profits while reaping the Rewards as well.


o   Rewarding our not-for-profits, churches, schools, sports teams, fire departments, civic                         organizations and so many more causes which make our community stronger.
o   Rewarding our local businesses for their dedication to our community.

o   Rewarding our friends and family when they use their Rewards Card to save money.


“Make a Difference” AND Reap the Rewards.


Now Making a Difference in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

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